Britain in Virginia (when you’re definitely not looking for it)

British and American flagsWe didn’t set out to do this. Sometimes, particularly in America, you’re trying to get something done and an entirely different thing happens.

We wanted a place to stay between Virginia and Tennessee, to cut the hip-wrenching, eye-popping drive in half. And was nothing; even the ever-reliable Hampton Inns were packed.

So when Rebecca gets a sniff of a vacant room in a bed & breakfast  in Nowheresville Natural Bridge, Virginia, we jump at it.

It just so happens that the owners are British. And that they’ve themed the place as an English” inn.

This is not something neither of us need to experience. But straight out of a nativity story, it’s the only Inn with any room, and we…okay, the guy makes promises over the phone of an English breakfast, which to be honest I’m feeling pretty good about. So we go for it. Continue reading