Howdy, I’m a ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher and cultural trainer, specializing in helping immigrants overcome obstacles to succeed at work and at play in the USA and UK.

Difficult Second Novel is a  blog about my specialist subject, my recent migration from Scotland to the United States.

It’s also sometimes about writing.



  1. Welcome to America. I have always wanted to travel to Scotland (part of my ancestry) plus I am in love with the works of many authors “across the pond”. Some day, I swear, I will see a real loch and heather in bloom. They sound wonderful.
    Happy writing.

  2. My next door neighbor is from Scotland. He’s told me a bit about the country and it sounds lovely. Would love to visit there someday!

    Welcome to the States. As I’m sure you’re already aware, you’re arriving at an interesting time in our history.

    Love the blog! Keep writing it, and keep trying to push through that second novel! 🙂

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