American TV Pt. 1 (Getting it)

DISH TV dishWhile we were living with family, we didn’t watch TV. “Not watching” means we reguarly caught the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, because hey, we’re not savages, but given that the TV in the living room stayed largely in the control of a ten-year-old girl, there really wasn’t much worth viewing.

People rarely admit to watching a lot of TV. In truth, the people who actively claim to “hardly ever” watch TV are lying (and if you talk to them long enough, they always give themselves away – judging from Conversations With American People, I’m the only English-speaking person here who has never seen an episode of NCIS, Criminal Minds, Breaking Bad or House). The people who genuinely don’t watch TV don’t talk about it, because they have something more interesting to say.

That said, I hardly ever watch TV.

So it stands to reason that when we moved to our own place, we wanted a TV of our own to go with it. In fact, 3 months before we moved to our own place, we wanted a TV of our own. Just so we’d be ready for when real life began again.

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Gated (One more American compromise)

Complex gatesWhen Rebecca and I were looking for a place to live last fall, when a move closer to Nashville and away from the sticks seemed like a smart choice (and it was), we were methodical in our planning.

We agonized like two former public sector workers regarding this next step, visiting twice as may properties as we had when buying our Scottish home. But the older I get, the more skeptical I become, the more suspicious of sunny days and flashy promises/premises. And fear of making an American mistake that costs me dear? A daily trauma.

After looking at a few houses in various neighborhoods, we realised to our surpriseĀ  that we both wanted to look at rental complexes.

I had only one deal-breaker. No gates. I wasn’t going to lose myself in a place where you fool yourself you’re safe, where you defend yourself against the rest of the country.

Two weeks later, of course, we moved into a gated community.

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