Home for the Holidays (Scotland at Christmas)

United Kingdom: stamp

Image by Sem Paradeiro via Flickr

We were gone 8 months. Not so long, some people (some civil servants) have vacations longer than that. And nothing in Britain has changed. Except everyone got 8 months older. And the roads got narrower, and less reliable, and the supermarket aisles got more crowded.

I’ve had some good moments during our visit back to the UK. The flights were easy, all 3 of them, as we bumped to Toronto, London Heathrow, side-stepped to Gatwick and then bumped one more time to Inverness. Anything was better than the Checkers taxi ride to Nashville airport, driven by a guy whose sanest comment was “The Government ain’t telling us everything” and quickly went downhill to “The moon is hollow,  that’s the only possible scientific explanation.” He was big on science, this cabbie. He was also big on telling you the same thing twice. I’ve never enjoyed tipping someone less. Ah, you Americans with your conspiracy theories, there’s a good reason the rest of us think you’re nuts.

Ah, you Brits, you appear so much saner in comparison, because you keep the spooky thoughts to yourself.

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