Dear Murphy (365 days)

Murphy Rd signI have two of the finest memories of you. I try not to bring them up too often, I don’t want to wear them out.

The first we have video of; Rebecca, you and me in the garden, summer 2008. You had been sick but were on your way back, the shaved spot on your neck evidence of blood tests that made you wail and fight.

We’re just hanging out with our cat, and that sounds flimsy but it was massive, I remember at the time understanding how big this was. Two months before, Rebecca and you were both sick, and there was a piece of time that I thought I was  losing both of you. So I was grateful, in the garden, for peace and family.

My second memory is August 2010. In the front garden enjoying a rare day of warm weather and blue skies, and it was the three of us, hanging out, you doing the rounds at all of the neighbours before coming back to bonk our legs, wrapping your tail around us. We’d already asked friends to look after you when we left the UK, and I took a moment, then, to enjoy the moment outside our house with the For Sale sign, knowing this wasn’t forever.

And you died 2 months later. But you know that, right?

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