Movers and shakers (You really wanna take that?)

uhaul van

I’m surrounded by boxes. Everywhere I go in the house, there’s something in my way, there’s something threatening to break my neck. I guess this would suit as a slap-in-the-face metaphor for how we get weighed down by our past, or the anxiety of leaving home, but once you’ve tripped over them enough times, the boxes are real enough, and more nuisance than sentiment.

The contents of these boxes and piles are mostly the product of my married life, and in particular the last five years, where having our own house meant we bought, and bought, and bought (because you need…stuff, all the time you need to spend money and bring heavy objects home, it’s what makes the developed world go around) and we’re  taking a fresh look at this treasure and deciding what’s worth taking with us to the United States. Continue reading


How to keep writing (and other tricks)

Squirrly, my writing buddy

I’m writing today. When this happens, it can feel like a pleasant surprise, not a brilliant stroke in a carefully executed master plan. I am a procrastinator, like you, like everyone else except for that one guy (and we don’t like him, anyway).

When I cut through the angst, I’d rather be writing, and when I have time to think about it (over a bout of filing, over a an afternoon washing the windows) I have considered how best to increase the odds, once I’m in the writer’s chair, of actually staying there. It comes down to the five senses:

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How we get to where we are (and start lying about it)


I’m an unwilling blogger.  I see the point of it, and have  found some excellent blogs, but this is the first one of my own and the experience is jarring.

Blogging seems too fresh, unconsidered. Where are the drafts? Where are the sleep-on-its and then tear-it-ups the next day?

Writers blog these days.  They write about writing. But word-count has never been my friend, I’m far from prolific. I’ve had a look around the blogosphere and there are a lot of words. Are they all getting read? Does it matter?

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